Building a Home?

Building a home doesn’t have to be a hair raising event. Knowing what to expect and enlisting the help of a good REALTOR® is a great place to start. Before you even look at model homes, it is a good idea to contact a REALTOR® who has experience representing buyers during the building process. Email me and I’ll provide references of buyers I have represented.


Once you have decided on a home, whether you have written a contract or not, it may be too late to bring in someone to represent your best interests. Don’t assume you are being represented when you are speaking with someone in the sales office, their job may be to represent the seller (builder) only. The same applies to a resale home when you are contacting the agent listed on the sign. If you want to be sure your interests are represented, call your buyer’s agent BEFORE you look at any homes. Having a buyer’s agent may not cost you more for the home and not having a buyer’s agent may cost you more than you had planned.

Here are some common buyer questions:

Most of these items may be negotiable, consult your buyer’s agent before looking at a home.

What is the difference between a model and a spec home?

How much do I have to put down?

Will the builder reduce his price at all?

How do I reserve a lot?

What are site preparation costs?

Will the builder pay any of my closing costs?

What if I exceed my allowance for appliance, carpet or lighting?

What if I notice something wrong with the construction of my home?

What are special assessments?

Is my earnest money refundable?

Can I change some features of the home?

Will my purchase price change during construction?

If I make some changes will I have to put more money down?

What is an easement?

Do builders offer specials on pricing or financing?

If you feel you don’t understand or know the answers to these questions, you are not alone! I can help, give me a call!